Bill Bruford: The Autobiography by Bill Bruford, Foruli Classics, ISBN 97819057925436, front cover
Bill Bruford: The Autobiography by Bill Bruford, Foruli Classics, ISBN 97819057925436, author portrait
Bill Bruford: The Autobiography by Bill Bruford, Foruli Classics, ISBN 97819057925436, cover spread

BILL BRUFORD The Autobiography [paperback]

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Bill Bruford, once called the godfather of progressive-rock drumming, has been at the top of his profession for four decades. This is his memoir of life at the heart of prog rock, art rock, and modern jazz, playing with Yes, King Crimson, Genesis, Earthworks and many more. It is an honest and entertaining account of life on the road and in the studio, rubbing shoulders with the famous, the less famous, and the infamous, and creating an impressive tally of great music. A rock musician with the temperament of a classical musician who became a jazz musician, Bruford defies all the clichés about drummers. He says: "You write what you have to write, you play what you have to play, because you cannot sleep at night. If you can sleep at night, you shouldn't be doing this anyway." From time to time, at polite dinner parties, someone will ask Bill what he does. He replies that he is a musician. "Yes, but what do you really do?" retorts the enquirer. This unusual, funny and insightful music memoir answers that question.

Format: paperback
Page count: 320 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-905792-43-6
Dimensions: 23.4 x 15.6 x 1.7 cm


Bill Bruford's story is not just for drummers. It is for all artists, musicians, music lovers, or anyone who wonders what it s really like to spend your life trying to make the music you love. - Neil Peart, Rush

Bill Bruford's autobiography is a frequently hilarious recounting of his long life in progressive rock and jazz. Defying every drummer joke you ve ever heard, he writes successfully from inside the music . - David Fricke, Rolling Stone

Bruford's autobiography not only provides a humorous insight into the daily detail of a successful musician's life but also grapples with the big existential issues of what it takes to be an artist of any sort in the modern world - David Sinclair, The Guardian

Professorial in its remit and written with a bone-dry wit and an authoritative elegance that will be the envy of many far more high-profile cultural commentators, this might just end up becoming one of the best-informed, most informative textbooks of its time - Marco Rossi, Shindig

An engaging and dryly witty style that makes for an easy, can't-put-it-down read...This book addresses matters anecdotal, technical, practical, emotional and philosophical with style, panache and élan -John Kelman, All About Jazz

Head and shoulders above the majority of books in its class - Jeff Miers, Buffalo News

Bruford is a literate biographer and honest - Steven Rosen, Curled up With a Good Book

It's frank, cynical, very amusing, inspiring, thought provoking and highly recommended - Brent Keefe, Drummer Magazine

Bill Bruford's autobiography is one of the most original books you ll ever come across, penned by a man that some would still label a rock star - Adam Garrie,

The most extraordinary autobiography I've ever read on music - David Etheridge, Performing Musician