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Foruli ISBN 9781905792054 Glenn Hughes Autobiography Deep Purple And Beyond limited edition packshots

Deep Purple And Beyond: Scenes From The Life Of A Rock Star

Glenn Hughes

Foreword by LARS ULRICH of Metallica

Glenn Hughes’ years in Deep Purple epitomised the glamour and excess of 1970s stadium rock. Playing in one of the world's biggest bands, recording classic albums such as Burn, squiring a long line of film starlets and singers, ploughing through a mountain of cocaine and hanging out with a multitude of stars including David Bowie and the Rolling Stones, Hughes lived a life that many can only dream of. However, it soon metamorphosed into a nightmare. Glenn's journey through cocaine and crack addiction was a trip few people would never have survived. And after the demise of Deep Purple and disastrous stints with Gary Moore and Black Sabbath, Hughes hit rock bottom.

But this book is a story of redemption. Glenn came back from the gutter a new man and went about reclaiming his position as “The Voice of Rock” - first with the KLF and then as a solo musician with an international fan base, before teaming up with Joe Bonamassa and Jason Bonham in Black Country Communion.

The foreword has been written by Lars Ulrich of Metallica. The book also features contributions by legends such as Tony Iommi, David Coverdale, Ozzy Osbourne and Tom Morello. This stunning edition features never before seen photographs from the Hughes family archive and memorabilia from the Deep Purple years and beyond.

THE CO-AUTHOR: Glenn Hughes wrote his memoir with Joel McIver,  the British author of, amongst others, the bestselling Justice For All: The Truth About Metallica, first published in 2004 and selling close to 50,000 copies in nine languages since then.


The first worldwide publication of the memoir of 'The Voice of Rock' Glenn Hughes, legendary member of Trapeze, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. Includes an exclusive 10" vinyl disc of new acoustic recordings, with versions of Trapeze's What Is a Woman's Role?, Deep Purple’s Holy Man and the previously unrecorded song Dying To Live.

Each set is individually hand signed by Glenn Hughes.



The package contains:

a hand signed and numbered limited edition book
a custom slipcase
an authentication hologram in the book
an exclusive 10" record of new recordings pressed on high quality black vinyl
a die cut custom record sleeve
a full colour offset lithograph art print suitable for framing



The package contains:

a signed and numbered hand bound limited edition book
a hand made solander box
an authentication hologram in the book
an exclusive 10" record of new recordings pressed on high quality white vinyl
a die cut custom record sleeve
a hand signed hand printed screenprint suitable for framing


"A remarkably personal document… astonishing in a number of ways" Word

"Glenn Hughes: The Autobiography isn't just a must-have book for the rock music fan, it's a must-have book for anyone who wrestles –- no, make that 'battles' -– with addictive demons" Boomer City

"Hughes tells the tale with passion, honesty and self-deprecating wit" Record Collector

"If you buy only one rock book this Christmas, you must make it this one" Classic Rock

"Hughes and his co-author Joel McIver have done an amazing job of telling the bassist/singer's fascinating and often sordid tale" Dave Ling

"Glenn doesn't pull any punches in this refreshing autobiography. Unlike many bios, Glenn actually does let the reader in. You get his emotions and his motivations" Dinosaur Rock Guitar

"One of the best rock autobiographies I've read in a long time" Metal Rules

"An incredible read that really tugs on your emotions... not only the chronicles of a wild and sometimes out-of-control rock star, but the tale of a true survivor" Secret Identity